A God with a Regular Day Job, Part 1 (or: Why I Voted for Jesus)

I think that if all the gods of all the religions were absolutely real, and they had to run campaigns against each other like a presidential election, I would vote for Jesus, whether or not I was a Christian. Why? Because as far as I know, He’s the only god to have ever held a regular day job. It’s like how presidential hopefuls want to distance themselves from being thought of as career politicians, and instead emphasize the jobs they had before campaigning. Many religions believe in a god or gods that have interacted with human beings, some of whom have taken human form. But all of those – Hercules and Thor come first to mind – spent their time doing interesting stuff. Jesus, instead, spent 15 years working a manual labor job while paying taxes and dealing with His family. All the amazing stuff came after.

This thought will be continued in next week’s post.
Luke 3:23; Mark 6:2-3; Hebrews 2:17-18; John 1:14a

4 thoughts on “A God with a Regular Day Job, Part 1 (or: Why I Voted for Jesus)

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  2. Joseph. was not jesus. Farther. N do not believe he was a carpenter. jesus said he came to do the work of his father. Being god the father. To work with his hands. Is were people miss understand.
    He used his hands to heal to do signs n wonders jesus came to save his people from the punishment. Of sin to fulfill the word even as a young boy even before his birth. john leaped in Elizabeth womb and when he was in the synagogue. they all marveled at his understanding. as a very young boy. He was doing the work of his heavenly father even when he was young not the work of Joseph his step father.


    • Well, sorry you disagree. I could go into a long debate but this topic has been covered in length by many people favoring either side of the argument, and a simple Google search will give at least a dozen good arguments to back up either belief. I will point out that it is incorrect to call Joseph a “step father”, however, and I have serious doubts that Joseph lived in Jesus’ childhood home, married to his mother, raising Jesus as his earthly dad, yet somehow did not have any aspect of his personality or work ethic rub off on Jesus.


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