About 10 for Jesus

I’ve been wanting to write this for a long time. It’s the ten-year-anniversary of the day I decided to turn everything over to Christ – and I mean everything! My bank account, my possessions, my thoughts, body, soul, and actions…I trusted it all into His hands. I was so scared… I was sure something terrible would happen to me as soon as I let go of control, and sure that in a matter of time it would turn out to be just another phase. But to my great surprise, here I am, 10 years later, living every day with this wonderful Man who has talked to me through the words of great prophets and songs by Freddie Mercury; who has challenged me to go deeper, farther, and better than before; who has delved and brought out parts of my soul so deep I wouldn’t have believed they existed; who was the only one who ever succeeded in banishing my loneliness. And I am so, so happy that I did it. I’m not kidding, I really am amazed how much I’ve enjoyed it all. Every time the weather turns to Fall, I think about how I’ve spent another year with Jesus, and it fills me with joy to anticipate that, no matter what happens in my future, I will remain with Him.

Please enjoy this blog, started in October 2015 and updated roughly every two weeks. Please comment, subscribe, and feel free to share. Also, please contact me if offensive ads appear on my page, as I do not choose the adverts. I pray that you find something of value in these words as I try my best to describe what this bizarre experience is like – that of accepting, then following, Jesus, later in my life than most people start.

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God Bless,

Morgan Grace Hart


“I don’t care what consequence it brings,
I have been a fool for lesser things”

-Billy Joel, For The Longest Time