Welcome, Players!

Welcome, POGO people!

This post is either going to be very out of place for you, or else totally directed at you. I just wanted to put out the welcome mat for anyone who found this site through Pokémon Go. I really try to dedicate this site to the glory of God, and I try to bring that passion into every aspect of my life – including Pokémon Go, which is where some of my readers first learned this site’s address. Anything you dedicate to God, God will use… did you know I once found – and was able to aid – a house on fire, because I was chasing a Pokémon that way? God works all things together for His good – even silly games and imaginary creatures.

Now, for those of y’all reading this in real time, dust off your phone, reload the Pokémon Go app you deleted in 2016, and go play! This is GoFest weekend! Lots of cool events. I know this part has nothing to do with Jesus, but… it’s still a really good game!


Morgan Hart

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