Follow Up (or: Put a Ring On It)

Hello all!

Since it survives by word-of-mouth, I wanted to give a reference for Prayer Lake, the place I stayed last weekend. It can be found on Facebook at:

Thanks for all the prayers. I had an indescribable time there, and I really felt like I was being cradled in the arms of God the whole time. It has been years since I got that much time with Him. It was like a honeymoon of the soul.


Speaking of marriages…I’ve been meaning to go to the jeweler’s and get my wedding ring resized. I’ve gained (sigh) a bit of weight in the almost ten years since I got married, and it’s starting to get a bit tight. I have a second wedding band not in use, a simple gold ring that was my grandmother’s. The reason these things are significant: I want to get both rings resized. Because I’ve thought about it, and I want two wedding rings, one on my left hand to signify my earthly marriage to my husband, and one on my right hand to signify my Heavenly marriage to Christ. I’ve always wanted something to show people that this is a real and tangible relationship that affects my daily life.


I had a wonderful recurring dream once – three times in the same night – that I was married to Christ. In parts of the dream we were married, and in parts we were only engaged. He had an apartment in Lafayette and twice a week I would eat breakfast with Him before work. I vividly remember sitting at His breakfast table, just thinking and thinking that I was really going to live with this man. But the hard part was, even though He had a home address, and was physically present, and we had a venue picked, and I had an engagement ring, I had a hard time convincing a lot of people that He existed. People kept trying to set me up on dates with some “nice young man” they knew, and when I’d wave the engagement ring and remind them I was already engaged (or married, in other parts of the dream), they’d nod and say yes, but just continue talking like it hadn’t sunk in.


The hardest thing for me to understand before I gave my life to Christ – and the hardest thing to explain to people I know who don’t follow Him – is that He really is real. I believed in Christ, but I thought following Him meant following an ideology that He taught. It never truly occurred to me that following Him might actually mean following the person, a thinking, sentient being with the ability to communicate and work with me. When Christians would say something like, “I was able to do this thing because Christ helped me,” I would always think, “how nice that they’re being so humble.” It never occurred to me that they might be literally telling the truth.


See you all next week.

Morgan Grace Hart

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