The (Denominational) Story Behind the Story of The Chosen

For all the records recently set by the new show The Chosen, one record has been almost totally ignored outside of cast, crew and producers: it was a non-Mormon production filmed on a Mormon set. This is absolutely history-making. The evangelical director Dallas Jenkins, the Jesus-cast Catholic actor Johnathan Roumey, filmed season 2, with the blessing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, on an LDS set in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before this show, I would’ve called that impossible.

As I do not have the resources to fly to the film location, etc., I couldn’t possibly cover the circumstances better than the article below.

As a full disclosure, I do not practice nor agree with The Book of Mormon. But it is still neat to see people working together to spread the more fundamental message of Christ’s love and sacrifice, and for that, I thank them.

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