The Cross for Today

Take up your cross daily, and follow me.” – Luke 9:23
Lately I’ve been thinking about crosses: specifically, the cross that Jesus says each of us is meant to pick up daily and carry, following Him. I believe it is a divinely fitted cross each day, made for us, made for that day, and meant to be carried for only that day, as we make our difficult trek towards Heaven.
C.S. Lewis says in The Screwtape Letters that the cross God asks us to bear each day may be difficult, but it is better than the ones that we voluntarily and constantly lay over our own shoulders. We worry about tomorrow, we worry about this afternoon; about hypothetical disasters, about what others might be thinking or saying…. And so we take dozens of crosses not meant for us to carry, stooping low under their weight, confused how “God” has let our day become so difficult.
More on this later.
Morgan Grace Hart

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