Blue Spirit Water

Something lately has me going back in my mind to a vision of sorts I had once. It’s a little hard to describe since, like a dream, it didn’t match the constraints of ordinary senses. It had that quality where two things could coexist in one place yet visually make sense, even though you could never paint an image like that in real life.

I had recently had my first child and was sitting with him on the couch. Out of nowhere, God told me something to the effect of, “Here. Now. I want you to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.”

“Here?” I asked. He said yes.

“Now?” I asked. He said yes.

“Okay, then,” I said.

And suddenly I had this sense that He reached into me and pulled out something like chains, which He broke, and as soon as He did this, my soul became buoyant like a diver removing weight, and rose above me. He met me in the air, His soul to mine, and embraced me while turning in a matter reminiscent of a high school slow dance. Something like clean water came from His chest in a torrent, entering mine and sweeping out, in its force, dirty water, which flowed back into Him. I had not recognized or looked for features on Him – the experience was only partly visual – but now He was definitely Jesus, and I saw the dirty water running slowly from the wounds in His side and hands. I had the thought that this probably came with some degree of pain for Him. (If there was something after that, I no longer remember, but I do remember afterwards holding my child and having the sense that we were both surrounded and protected by the Holy Spirit.)

Not all visions are about something specific or urgent in life, and this one was never tied to any specific event.
But the memory of it is recurring, and I sometimes find links to it in my prayers. I used to see a pattern when I prayed of two curving, interlinking geometrical shapes, one blue and one brown. I realized one day that the pattern was a reference to the aforementioned vision, where the brown water was removed from me by the Blue Waters of His Spirit.

Thinking on this topic, in the scriptural reference below, I reference some of the more dream-like and/or spatially confusing visions in the Bible, as food for thought. PLEASE take time to look over a few of these – they’re very interesting.

Ezekiel 1:4-9, 1:15-28, 2:1-2, 3:12-15; Acts 11:4-9; Isaiah 6:1-2; revelations 4:1-3 and 4:6.